Pagination -> scroll load: not working

the big issue is that after 2 scroll, the same 10 images are added again and again in loop… so you can only see 20 different images! (same issue as in gal23)

to see the issue : simply scroll down 3 times, and note that after the 10 first images (images with people faces), you see again and again the 10 next. for example, you see 3 time the group of 3 tomb stone.

other issue : first time you click on load more, you see a refresh glitch on the top left side.

other BIG issue : after scrolling down like 3 times, you get a blank/white end of gallerie, or a spinning wheel. it is then impossible to see the next images, you are stuck.
from there even REFRESHING the page doesn’t work, the whole page is dead.
this « dead end » happen much faster when using Firefox than Chrome.

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